Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5: normally weather like this

would see me in bed, with a book. But that's not what we do on this vacation. Hey, we booked a trip to Ireland, not Antigua, we knew weather would be persnickety. Today it showed us how cranky it could be. Bear in mind this did not stop us. I bought a toasty warm woolen sweater and cap, I fear not drafty, damp, blustery weather. Today we toured the Ring of Kerry. This is not a geography lesson people, so if you want info on what that means, it's called google. Anyway, here is a smattering of what we saw:

Hills, and water and rocks!

Fucshia growing wild on the sides of roads

The remains of ancient fortresses

Cliffs and water!

Fog and remains of fortresses- hmmm how can we get to it?

Answer, find a terrifyingly narrow road/sheep path and drive down it


Nice and ruiny!

Foxglove and rhododendron grow wild in this area

The ocean

This is what seems to pass for sand so far at beaches in Ireland.

Some more water, cliffs and ruins
And a colorful town

Tomorrow we leave Killarney, go to Mountshannon, then Cliffs of Moher and then two nights in Galway. Till then, ciao!