Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Channeling Bob Ross


Has anyone else in the Jersey area noticed the outrageous cloud formations of late? I cannot remember ever seeing these kinds of sky displays in our tiny state. They remind me of pictures you see of big sky country, or Arizona, not our little corner of the world. It is a combination of threatening grey thunder heads, and brilliantly outlined poufy white, and scuttling wispy translucence. Happy little clouds and enormous grumpy clouds, we have them all. I feel compelled to photograph them, but only succeed in flattening them, removing all the dynamic drama of them. (I searched YouTube for quite a while, looking for a clip with Bob Ross discussing his Happy Little Clouds, and could only really find him making a friend tree for a lonely tree, cuz we all need a friend. Amen Bob).

IMG_6698for bob ross1IMG_6699for bob ross2

IMG_6870bob ross3

On a less patient with the note, what is with this parking job?


This exemplifies the driving “idiosyncrasies” of other motorists that I have been witnessing lately. For the past week, people have been incapable of staying in their own lane, or of deciding which lane they want to be in (there is a difference, just think about it for a moment. There, see, you got it!). People on the road: I just want to get back and forth from work safely. I do not speed, I use my turn signals and I want courtesy from you whackadoodles out there sharing the road with me. We can all be happy little clouds out there, sharing our happy little sky, just please look around you!

That is the end of my rant- I think this weather is finally getting to me!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Traversing the bridge


I recently had the pleasure of spending a little quality one-on-one time with my 13 month old nephew, Hudson.  It was a lovely Saturday morning, and while his mama got her hair did, we hung out in Raritan.  I was a little nervous about entertaining a toddler by myself, they are very tough audiences, but then I decided to check out the Nevius Street Bridge.


It is an old span bridge that was recently converted into a pedestrian bridge.  It was safe, and clean, and provided just the right amount of interest and structure to keep him occupied.  He rode to the far side in his stroller, then used the railings to crab-walk his way back down.  He had a running commentary the whole way, sticking his arm through the struts and occasionally letting out his trademark “oooooooh!”

IMG_6553 IMG_6565


The video ends abruptly, as we happened upon the only spider web on that entire bridge.  I bailed, and grabbed him.  I hate spider webs.  Ever try to walk on the pedestrian walkways on the Clinton Bridge?  The spiders are as big as your thumb, and they leer at you like some kind of Stephen King character in one of his novels, not pretty.  Anyway, try to not listen to my screechy witch voice, and pay attention to the cute baby, ‘kay?

The rest of the day was spent doing other fun things.  We went to a park in Somerville, and took pictures of the peonies…

IMG_6592 IMG_6605 IMG_6602  IMG_6587

Then we froze our butts off at the pool, and he went home before any crankiness could set in (talking about my crankiness, Hudson is a model citizen).  A lovely day.