Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what day of the month is it?

I don’t know about you, but from August on, the days have just flown by. It is like that cheesy special effect where the wind appears to be blowing pages of the calendar off, clueing us in to the passage of time. It has been a nice summer, and fall is looking just as lovely and twice as busy. Fall for us is second only to the “holidays” in terms of a crowded schedule. I like that, but sometimes you have to stop where you stand and just breathe. So I am taking this moment to breathe, reflect on some stuff, and share it with you.

I just looked back at the last time i posted it here, and it has been almost a month and a half. That is slightly embarrassing. Since that post I have:

  • run through a sprinkler
  • cut up a whole roast pig
  • been to the Rutgers Football home opener
  • been to the Giants home opener (Last in the current stadium)
  • played bunko
  • made copious amounts of jewelry
  • installed a wireless printer-then had to reinstall it with wires which really annoyed me
  • had a tooth extracted partnered with a bone graft with a surprise cavity fill thrown in (why not? I was already there…)
  • blew bubbles on the deck
  • went to a couple of farmers markets
  • had pumpkin pancakes (with chocolate chips)
  • attended my 20th high school reunion
  • went to Phoenix for a week
  • went to the Grand Canyon and Winslow, AZ
  • Celebrated my Dad’s birthday by tailgating at yet another Rutger’s game
  • made several pot roasts

Now that it is all in black and white, it doesn’t look like so much, but then this weekend I will be teaching a jewelry making class with the fabulous and talented Stephanie Distler, at the ECCOTA gallery in Ridgway, PA. We will be teaching a make-n-take workshop, Poly-Shrink pendants.

some samples

IMG_7361tagsforabbi cute- right?IMG_7365shapesforabbi

Basically everyone will get to make a fun and gorgeous Shrinky Dink pendant and necklace to hang it from. It is for ages 10 and up. If you will be in the area, please stop in, you will be able to register that day, but you can also preregister at the ECCOTA website.

Right now it seems that the only consistent thing in my life is the inconsistency. I am trying not to use that as an excuse to act like a whack-a-doodle, but I guess I am. I need to buckle down, and get things in order in my life. I need to retake CONTROL of my life. And, to add a little more weirdness into the mix, I am considering changing the name of my jewelry design business. I will retain Little Epiphany, because I am considering making that a Christian jewelry line. When I picked the name, it seemed so great- I love the word epiphany, and most of my designs are little ideas or epiphanies, that I bring to fruition. But, that word is a huge pain in the tuckus. I myself have misspelled it several times during this entry alone. When I Google it, I finally come up, but always after a massage service. When it came to creating my domain name, little epiphany is awkward- the fact that the second word starts with the last letter of the first word is difficult to deal with. That’s when you start hyphenating and underscoring things. I really didn’t know anything about naming a business except to check with the state of NJ to make sure no one else had it here. I am also TERRIBLE at naming things, just awful. My pets’ names are unusable, but for different reasons. My name is terrible to use, so long, and there are already several famous Jennifer Herberts. My maiden name isn’t much better. So my sister is helping me (along with unsolicited, stream of consciousness ranting from my husband, if he suggested “stinky britches” one more time Sunday night, I would have punched him in the ear). We are trying to get that foodie angle into it. Possibly a play on food and jewelry terms. One that we really liked is taken- so loved it and now we can’t get past it (I won’t even put it here because then you won’t get past it either). We seem now to be attracted to “Pulled Sugar”. Can’t explain it, we just like how it sounds. Before I jump ship from the SS Lil Epiphany, do any of you have any suggestions or thoughts on “Pulled Sugar”? I figure, what the heck, maybe one of you out there have a talent for naming things. If I use your idea, there might even be a little treat in it for you…