Wednesday, December 9, 2009

she’s making a list, and then not doing anything on it…

I like to have a vague outline for my weekends.  I try not to get too specific, because spontaneity doesn’t like bulleted lists.  My foggy vision of what this past weekend would include was sort of like this:  Friday, spend some time at the bench, and get a couple of loads of laundry thrown in.  Saturday, while Scott is at the Rutgers game, get the house straightened up so that cleaning can happen, so that holiday decorating can happen.   Make three different cookie batters.  Sunday, bake said cookies and celebrate my dear MIL’s milestone birthday. 

Here’s what happened instead:

I made a commissioned piece for a cousin’s wife

IMG_8128 Its a Christmas gift, so I won’t post a picture of the completed necklace until after.  I was uber-pleased with how it came out, I hope she feels the same.

I blew bubbles on the deck

If you, like me take dreadful movies, use a program (I used Microsoft movie maker cuz its free) to edit it and hopefully improve it. I used the auto movie feature, chose a style (I chose old timey), and it does all the cutting/editing etc for you, and you end up with something decent.  I should have cut it a little short, but hey, there is a stop button, you didn’t have to watch the entire thing!


I made some flannel flowers


This picture happens to be the front and back of the same flower that I made into a pin for my MIL.

I made an ass-load of cookies

I celebrated my MIL’s birthday.

Not bad, not bad at all. 

One caveat- Christmas Eve is coming, whether I have my act together or not.  Ummm, welll, uh, yeah.  Did I mention I go to PA next weekend to visit my goddaughter and her family?  Yeah, my time management skills have obviously not improved over this year.  Or maybe I have decided that I need to savor the little joys that are there if you just slow down long enough to blow bubbles on the back deck, you know?

Thanks for checking in-