Monday, August 25, 2008

no longer a virgin...

Did the title get your attention? Now that you have finished laughing your shiny-hiny off, I will explain. This past weekend we went up to Ridgway, for a send off party. A friend has reenlisted in the army, and will be shipping off soon. Cyndi decided to throw a party as only she can. The beer trailer was rented, Jitter brought his smoker up from his camp, and a DJ was brought in after dark to amp up the festivities. A DJ with KARAOKE! I had lived 37 years of my life without ever setting foot on a stage to caterwaul drunken renditions of "Sweet Caroline". Well, about seven shots of tequila is the amount of social lubrication required for me to do this. Except, I sang "Brandy", with Andy, my co-Godparent of Aerin. Apparently Andy thought my husband would do this with him, but Scott had chosen that moment to hit the head. I took one for the team, or rather, the entire party suffered because I had drunk enough to loosen my inhibitions, but not so much that I couldn't read a teleprompter. I can't say that I was good, but I remember doing it, and I had fun. There is no video evidence, or even pictures of me warbling "Brandy", but there are pics of me and Abbi as back up vocals for Alli on INXS "Need You Tonite". I also have video of several other performances. Let's take a break for some video adventure. I have edited it down into a montage format, because, in this world, editing is everything...

And, a little slideshow of pictures, because I can.
But, anyway, there was so much love for Aaron, and everyone who has risked/given their lives for this country. So, let's all send all our good thoughts, and get him back here, a second time, in one piece.

Monday, August 18, 2008

When bad things happen to good bratwurst, and other nonsense

This weekend, Scott and I decided to try his friend Bill's tailgating recipe for bratwurst. It seemed a no-brainer. A foil pan, sliced onions, many sticks of butter, a couple bottles of beer, wrap it up with aluminum foil, set it on the grill for many hours. Voila, a delicious, if not healthy, easy meal, right?

Drum roll please....


After only an hour or so on the grill, this is what I, a professionally trained chef, produced. So sad, I felt bad for the little guys. I named this dish "Cinderwurst", and got it into the dumpster as soon a possible.

On Sunday, my sister Alli, sister-in-law Mer and Hudson, and I went to Hudson's first ever car show. My brother's car club sponsored the event. The day was gorgeous, and the main band, CB Radio was great as usual. The turnout was beyond their expectations for a first time event. Here's to many more.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to reality

Just got back from a wonderful week of vacation. One week is way too short. We rent a house on LBI, and it takes a fair amount of work to pack up everything you need for a week of eating, sunbathing, baseball watching, bike riding, cornhole-dominoes-uno playing, beer drinking, and did I mention beer drinking? Anyway, our household expanded from four to five this year, and Lord Beckett was a fun and welcome addition.

At 14 weeks of age, his necessities are few, but he provides good entertainment for his size. I judge him a good value so far. I know his mom and dad have trepidations about next year, as you never know what a new week can bring, let alone an entire year. I am willing to bet that Lord Beckett will continue to bring the fun, although it will be a much more active type of fun.


The weather was amazing, although the wind did not always favor us. The flies on LBI can be aggressive, especially if the wind comes off of the bay, and we had much bay wind. I noticed that the majority of our pictures feature the newest additions to our beach kit, fly swatters. Yes, we had to resort to laying on the beach, with flyswatters at the ready. Some may find this disturbing, but we are willing to pay this small price for lovely, family friendly beaches. Upshot, you improve your hand-to-eye coordination while enjoying the sun and surf. Only losers, the flies.
see swatter in upper right

This year I got a fabu shot of our vacation-only obsession with Easy Cheese. People who know me, know that I can be a bit of a food snob. For some reason, for a week in August, that goes out the window, and copious amounts of Easy Cheese are applied to almost anything that will stand still long enough to be sprayed with ooey-gooey yellow cheesiness. In the past, Easy Cheese has inspired some combinations of food that should never have seen the light of day. Devil Dogs, carrots, chocolate chip cookies (all stacked together!), none of these things, in my estimation, should have contact with Easy Cheese. This year, no fancy combos, just a really neato bandito picture of Easy Cheese and pretzel.

I was able to use my new camera on the beach thanks to the effective, expensive and silly looking water proof camera case that canon sells. I looked like I was borrowing Lord Beckett's fisherprice "My First Camera". Cumbersome, but it freed me the from constantly worrying about all the damage one itsy-bitsy grain of sand could do to my new baby. I tried to get all artsy and stuff, but I can't tell if I took interesting pictures, or not. I had fun though, snapping away like a kook. I did occasionally look up from the baby, and took one or two snaps of something other than Lord Beckett.

Others were asked to use my camera as well. Some photos definitely "artier" than others...

That's all for now. When I get a chance maybe I'll add a fancy pants slide show of more pictures, just for fun.