Monday, August 18, 2008

When bad things happen to good bratwurst, and other nonsense

This weekend, Scott and I decided to try his friend Bill's tailgating recipe for bratwurst. It seemed a no-brainer. A foil pan, sliced onions, many sticks of butter, a couple bottles of beer, wrap it up with aluminum foil, set it on the grill for many hours. Voila, a delicious, if not healthy, easy meal, right?

Drum roll please....


After only an hour or so on the grill, this is what I, a professionally trained chef, produced. So sad, I felt bad for the little guys. I named this dish "Cinderwurst", and got it into the dumpster as soon a possible.

On Sunday, my sister Alli, sister-in-law Mer and Hudson, and I went to Hudson's first ever car show. My brother's car club sponsored the event. The day was gorgeous, and the main band, CB Radio was great as usual. The turnout was beyond their expectations for a first time event. Here's to many more.

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  1. Um...would of looked more pics of the car show and less of cinderwurst- omg- hudson is now a real little baby- he has a big head he can support and keeps his eyes open- YEAH!