Monday, August 25, 2008

no longer a virgin...

Did the title get your attention? Now that you have finished laughing your shiny-hiny off, I will explain. This past weekend we went up to Ridgway, for a send off party. A friend has reenlisted in the army, and will be shipping off soon. Cyndi decided to throw a party as only she can. The beer trailer was rented, Jitter brought his smoker up from his camp, and a DJ was brought in after dark to amp up the festivities. A DJ with KARAOKE! I had lived 37 years of my life without ever setting foot on a stage to caterwaul drunken renditions of "Sweet Caroline". Well, about seven shots of tequila is the amount of social lubrication required for me to do this. Except, I sang "Brandy", with Andy, my co-Godparent of Aerin. Apparently Andy thought my husband would do this with him, but Scott had chosen that moment to hit the head. I took one for the team, or rather, the entire party suffered because I had drunk enough to loosen my inhibitions, but not so much that I couldn't read a teleprompter. I can't say that I was good, but I remember doing it, and I had fun. There is no video evidence, or even pictures of me warbling "Brandy", but there are pics of me and Abbi as back up vocals for Alli on INXS "Need You Tonite". I also have video of several other performances. Let's take a break for some video adventure. I have edited it down into a montage format, because, in this world, editing is everything...

And, a little slideshow of pictures, because I can.
But, anyway, there was so much love for Aaron, and everyone who has risked/given their lives for this country. So, let's all send all our good thoughts, and get him back here, a second time, in one piece.

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