Thursday, September 18, 2008

copper viking knit chain

I decided to teach myself how to make viking knit chain. Mine looks a little different than the examples in all the tutorials I looked at, but I think it turned out pretty cool.
After you loop all your wire together, very much how you do with those knitting bobbin thingies you see at craft storres, you draw it through progressively smaller holes until it looks
Now I have to make caps to finish off the end which are quite ugly. I will show you what I do with it after I figure that out.
I ordered the remaining things I need in order to solder silver. I have been practicing on copper, and I think I need to just do it, before it gets too cold outside, since I don't have an indoor set up that will whisk away the toxic fumes.
Here's Majeicka the other day, while I was trying to put these two treats on her feet. She would let them get this close.
I even got one treat, on one foot, but two were just too much for her noggin' to withstand.

Yet, she would let me two treats on her noggin'. I had to shake my noggin', not understanding how hers works.

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  1. I found you because I have a Google Alert for "Viking Knit." Excellent job!! I taught myself the technique as well; you might be interested in looking at my website and blog to see where I have taken it!