Friday, September 26, 2008

worst smelling thing I've put in my mouth, ever...

I am a huge fan of Orbit "mint mojito" flavor gum. It is pure tastiness. So while at the check out counter at Harmon (how do they do it?) I spied this new flavor. Spurred on by fond memories of Fruitstripe gum, I decided to give it a whirl. As a matter of fact, I was so committed to trying this newness, that I even paid for it with cash, after my initial debit card purchase (the associate had forgotten to ring it up, maybe it was a subtle hint?). I throw my bag onto the front seat, and start getting ready to move on to my next errand, seat belt, check, windows and sunroof in proper positions, check. Ooh, let me pop a piece of sweet, chewy goodness into my gullet. As I am unwrapping it, I start to look around my car for whatever smells like butter buds. Ever try butter buds in a moment of low-fat diet inspired weakness? Dehydrate and concentrate movie theatre "butter", and then expose it to nuclear waste, that is approximately how bad butter buds are. In fact, they taste so bad, I refuse to acknowledge their trademark with capital letters. Well anyway, I get this gum fully unwrapped before I realize the stench is coming from the pack of gum, and it is the stench of butter buds mixed with a bulging can of Delmonte fruit cocktail, and it has enveloped my entire car with this cloying, foul, cloud of funk. So, instead of tossing the whole $1.16 out the window at high speed, I pop a piece into my mouth. Envision Juicy Fruit infused with rancid I Can't Believe Its Not Butter, but then that stops, and it tastes kind of good, but then if you open your mouth while chewing, you smell the butter buds again.

I've kept it. I need confirmation of this phenomenon. Watch out Mer, while we are shopping for duds for Hud today, I am going to ambush you with the gum from hell.

P.S. I received my soldering equipment yesterday, and guess what, the forecast for this entire weekend is rain. Rain with more rain, with showers and thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. Its like buying new boots, and a heat spell that last for a week. My charcoal block and flux are taunting me from across the room...

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