Tuesday, January 8, 2008

where did december go?

Okay, an entire month without an update is kinda crazy. I know that nobody's life was at risk, but, the whole point of this exercise is to check in regularly, hopefully with jewelry related posts, but other (interesting to me) stuff too.

So, where to start? The holidays are over, thankfully. I have a love-hate relationship with November through January 1. I love being with friends and family, I love the challenge of finding good gifts. Christmas Eve is the one time a year that we entertain. I hate that I have to clean my house up, but I love showing the people around me that they matter by feeding them. I'm a control challenged person (spoken like a true freak) so I get to feeling overwhelmed, when all I'd have to do is ask for a helping hand. Anyway, enough of this weird self pity part of this entry.

Anyway, the turducken took the most time ever to cook in the 3 or 4 years we have done them for Christmas eve. But when you eat at 2:00 am Christmas morning, it's really Christmas breakfast, isn't it? The shame of it is, that I tried very hard this year to get the dang thing on the table at a reasonable hour, and failed. I do have a new plan for next year, so who knows, maybe it will actually be dinner on Christmas Eve for 2008

Also in December, I've been working on my photography skills. I seem to be improving, but I think that my camera may be holding me back a little bit. I don't think the macro is as good as I really need to take the close-up shots necessary.

I got my disc cutter this month, which was very exciting. With a few whacks of the hammer, I can have perfect little circles of metal. My first few projects using this tool were a sort of charm bracelt for my mom and mother-in-law. Each child and their significant other have an etched and domed disc, linked back to back. Then as grandbabies arrive they will have little charms that will hang off of their parents bigger discs. I really like this whole concept, and think I will offer these as custom pieces on my etsy shop. I just have to work out pricing. I really don't like doing the same thing over and over, but, because each disc is hand decorated, and the links can be different for each customer, I think I won't get bored. My sister in law inquired about making pendants somehow, so I'm working that out as an option.

I'm also working out a way to frame those gemstone donuts that are so easy to find, yet, what the heck do you do with them. I think I've figured out an Etruscan feeling type of setting for these challenging little baubles. Pictures to follow. I had technical problems with my jewelers saw, and had to deal with those before I could finish.

Oh, here are some pictures from the show my sister did. I was disapointed about no christmas tree on the ceiling, but everything still looked lovely.

Ohh, and remember my $599.99 crocs, bought over the summer? Well, they went down to $139.99. We received a checked for $400 from our insurance company this weekend. They must have settled with little-girls insurance company, and so we got 80% of our deductible back. Happy New Year to me! I also now have purple mary jane crocs. A fun little Christmas present (no car accident necessary).
Yeah, and to complete, random pictures of my dog, 'cause she's cute.

Okay Abbi, I've been bugging you for an update. Now that I've done mine, I can really be a nudge.

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