Saturday, June 21, 2008

RIP Kitty

I am sorry to report the passing of a dear friend today, Kitty my Kitchenaid standmixer. Kitty had been suffering from some kind of wasting disease, finally passing peacefully, June 20,2008, in the arms of a lovely associate at the Williams Sonoma in Bridgewater. She was fourteen.

Kitty contibuted to countless family celebrations, a hard worker, never complaining.

She mixed hundreds of batches of Christmas cookies. She kneaded bread dough like a champ. How many birthday cakes? Well, it would be hard to give an exact count. The fondest memories are of the wedding cakes that she tirelessly stirred and whipped. She was getting very excited about her upcoming cakes, especially my brother's, early next month, having just recently completed the shower cake.

Kitty will be missed and fondly remembered. Thanks kid, for all the hard work.

Godspeed Kitty.

No time to grieve, people, cakes have got to be baked, so I proudly introduce you to Ilsa.

Ilsa is a little bit bigger and stronger, maybe lacking some of the finesse of Kitty, but she is all heart. She is anxious to prove herself to this family, and I have faith that she will succeed.

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