Monday, July 14, 2008

Celebrating extension of Family

July 5, 2008 sent many women around the world into mourning. My baby brother, known internationally as Dutch, tied the knot with his lovely Maggie. The weather semi-cooperated (as well as Jersey in July weather can). It was an ass kicking, barbecue smoking, three wheeler riding, skateboarding, dancing, eating, drinking, fireworking good time. A seriously good time. It was a fabulous celebration of two people in love, with a whole mess of the people they love.

As I'm posting these pictures, I'm realizing two things. First, besides the second picture here, I never took a picture of the bride and groom together, or of me with my brother. I'm a big dummy, but I try hard.

Secondly brings up a weird issue of privacy and this dumb little thing I do here intermittently, that approximately two people besides myself read. I don't often post pictures of people here, because at least one person in my life has made their discomfort with unauthorized image usage known. I'll put it out there that I will of course take down anything that makes you uncomfortable, but you have got to let me know. I am quite dense at times, and frequently need things spelled out for me.

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