Monday, July 20, 2009

country graffiti

This past Sunday I went to visit my grandma, and on my meandering way home, remembered to stop and take these pictures:


IMG_7053graffiti2 IMG_7054graffiti3

I had seen them a while ago, but hadn’t the time to stop and capture them.  As I approached, I hoped that by putting off photographing them, I hadn’t completely missed my opportunity (maybe they had been painted over, or maybe the silo thingy wasn’t there anymore).  I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled into the drive next to what I will call a silo for expediency.  I didn’t get out of the car because it was private property, and I feel a bit odd when I stop to take photos like this without permission.  Anyway, they are still there, they are still lovely, and fun and I finally have snaps of them.  I think about the kids who painted this.  I feel happy that the subject matter is funky and innocent and playful, things sorely lacking in today’s world.  I will probably find out that this was done like 20 years ago.  If it was, I hope that as parents now themselves, these former “taggers” have encouraged their children to be just the things I see in this graffiti on Charlestown Road.

woohoo, preachification, ended, my Grandpa Myers would have been proud, even though I never mentioned Abraham and Sarah once in this whole post.

oh, and PS, I am working on something that has been along time coming, and I hope to reveal by the end of next week!

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