Sunday, October 2, 2011

One topic, one month October

So a challenge for the month of October is to write every day about one topic. I wasn't going to attempt this, but then at 11:25 on the second of October I decided to give it a shot. So technically I've already failed, but, whatever. My topic is cosmetology school, so here goes.

Tonight we had a chance to earn a couple of extra hours by attending a mini make up workshop at the MAC store at the Shorthills Mall, from 6 until 8. It's a very small store, so attendance was limited. I think 12 signed up, 8 actually showed up, 2 of which were an hour late. Getting cosmo (or esthetician students for that matter) anywhere on time is like herding squirrels. They are darty, chatty, they zig when you think they will zag. Annoying. Anyway, I will share a tip the instructor shared with us, which is completely awesome. When applying eyeliner to your upper lid, do not be overly concerned with neatness. Now here's the tip- smudge the eyeliner, but hold the brush with the bristles facing downward, and smudge using upward strokes. He also used the brush pointing downward trick when applying eyeshadow to the lid. I cannot wait to put this to work tomorrow morning.

Allrighty then. Hope you enjoyed this little tip. Let me know if you try it, and whether it works for you. I think the story for tomorrow will be about how I gave another student herpes.
Until tomorrow,

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