Thursday, June 21, 2007

begin at the beginning

Well, I did something today that got me off the proverbial "pot", and into the blog. I signed on to join something called "Year of Jewelry" hosted in the creative wire area of delphi forums. You are challenged to create a piece of jewelry a week for a year (but you sign up quarterly). I'm a little pitty, but excited. They allow you to incorporate a journal into the entries, I thought that would be cool, plus, I just was interested in doing something like this for a while. So here it goes. I had asked for some help naming my blog (as a tool of procrastination, I felt the name needed to be something very clever) and decided to just go with what I know, my jewelry line, plus the name was available (who the heck besides me has used the word epiphany since the movie Angel Heart).

To practice inserting pictures, I will show you my beautiful logo, which my talented sis Abbi created for me. Well, in the immortal words of Eric the midget, "goodbye for now". Next post, pics of jewelry!


  1. nice start- great logo! can't wait to seem some jewelry!!!

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