Monday, June 25, 2007

productivity vs. procrastination

Friday through Sunday was particularly gorgeous in Jersey. Oftentimes, fabulous weather makes it very hard for the natural procrastinator to get anything real done. I, however, managed to enjoy the weather and get some real jewelry making time in.

Friday could be argued to have been busy-work, but it really was important. My work station had gotten out of control.

I took the morning to get that reamed, now it looks like this...

Saturday, I worked on taking pictures with my new camera. The macro on this one is not as good as the old camera I lost. I am having problem with blurriness with this camera, not so much lighting as before.
I am also experimenting with antiquing. Liver of sulpher is my new favorite (smelly) friend. I was intimidated by this green and noxious substance, but now I call it the elixir of oldness. My husband politely inquired if everything now has to be submerged in this god-awful stuff. I offered him nose plugs. I'd been debating about whether or not to LOS my first paisley set. Saturday it got dunked. I think it really improved it. It might need to be darker, I might dunk again after I get my tumbler.

Speaking of which, this weekend also proved my need for a tumbler. I was polishing some pieces, sitting on the deck. My Dremel grabbed a pendant, whirled it out of my hands and sent it through a crack, under my deck. I had to crawl under the deck to retrieve the piece. Thankfully, very little rain (so the leaves were not wet) and no dead animals, and I found the pendant.

I am ordering my tumbler and shot today, and everything will be tumbled safely in my kitchen or basement, haven't decided yet.

Sunday, did some drawings (I have to force myself to plan designs and put them on paper, very bad habit, very hard to change). I also completed a small pendant inspired by fabric, but it is in the same spirit as my paisleys, so I'm thinking of grouping them and calling it something morrocan inspired.

Here is a last photo of my outdoor work set up, complete with assistant. The first piture I took, she wasn't in, then she seemed to see that I needed someone to pose so she jumped on in.

Is this too rambly so far? I guess its just the newness.


  1. Nice job cleaning up your space- it definitely needed the "reaming".
    I sent the book did you receive it yet?

  2. and I agree I like the earrings dunked- and I also prefer the composition on the glass.