Monday, July 2, 2007

lost (but so much fun) weekend

As far as jewelry making goes, this weekend was a bust. The fabulous upside is that my sister Alli and I hosted a surprise party for our wonderful Alisa.

This photo shows (or rather proves) how surprised Alisa was.
She saw us, and ran back out the door.

This is Beck's son, Liam. I wish I had a better picture of him. I will include it when someone shares one with me. He arrived at the party in costume. We guessed a robot, or a knight. He was however, a pinata, for Ms. Alisa's party. When asked what would happen if we hung him by his ankles and hit him with a stick, he replied, "Nothing".

Our favorite (actually the only clown in the world that I can tolerate)entertainer, Balloons came to delight children of all ages...

I did make a lovely pendant for Alisa's birthday, but did not get a chance to take a pic before giving it to her. I will post it as well, when I get a chance.

The very exciting jewelry thing that happened is that I received a couple of orders that I had placed for supplies and equipment. I really wanted to play with it, but I was a good girl, and put it nicely away unitl this week. My new tumbler is waiting on my doorstep for me as we speak, so I'll go for now.
This is the first week of Year of jewelry, the theme is "Fire in the Belly". So, more on that to come, as it was the impetus for this whole blog thing, anyway.

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  1. it looks like the party was a hit- glad to hear it went well and sorry we missed it!