Thursday, July 5, 2007

Year of Jewelry week 27- fire in the belly

OKay, submitted first YOJ piece. (look at me, inserting links) I have to still get it right, but because of the internet slowness on the homefront, I wanted to get it in early. Meeting deadlines is something I am striving to improve upon.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but it is a copper framework, wrapped with sterling. The accents are copper and sterling beads. The stones are honey jade, garnet and carnelian. The honey jade drops are cool in that they swing freely, and are kind of layered like scales. The LOS took very aggressively to the copper, but not the silver. At first, I thought maybe I had accidentally used argentium silver for the wraps. Well, I didn't. Anyway, I will tumble it tomorrow (yes, my new tumbler is in service, yeehaw!) and see if that helps. And I will take better pics as well.
Hoping for sun this weekend to assist in the the photography.
Oh, also exciting. Made an appointment to meet with Ed regarding possibly putting some pieces in his shop in Westfield. July 13th at 10 am. I don't think I have deodorant strong enough. I'm pitty right now just thinking about it.
Productive day yesterday. Also completed two more pendants. Working on earrings for the one, the other pendant was inspired by earrings I had already made. I want to present several pendant/earring sets, and I will also do two bracelets, and a bunch of earrings, just so he can get a feel for what I do. He asked for fall/winter stuff. I'm so into the blue/aqua/green thing right now, its a challenge to switch gears. But I do love fall, and that color pallette, so it's still fun.
Until next week.

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