Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crocs, but at what cost?

I got some jewelry done this weekend, but before I can post about that, I have to tell you about my errands yesterday.
After lunch, I decided to run to Costco for some office supplies, and decided that on the way I would stop at Dick's sporting goods, to see about some stuff. I am on a mission to find another mushroom chair (for fall and winter tailgating), and I wanted something else that I am ashamed to admit. Dick's also had the Mary Jane style Croc's on sale, and I had decided to succumb to the Croc's madness.
Dick's (yes, I will call it by it's proper and hilarious name for this whole story) is near the Rockaway Mall. From my office, I would usually take back roads to get to this mall, but said back roads are under construction, so I took the 8o (a nod to Fritz), and had to go around the Mall to get to Dick's. I'm driving on Mt. Airy Road, minding my own business, when a Scion XA makes a left turn in front of me (oh state of many jug handles, why couldn't there have been one at this intersection?), I brake hard, but nick the rear passenger bumper of the car.
I am pissed. Really pissed. I just got my car fixed back in February, when a freak winter storm allowed me the opportunity to do 360's on route 206, and tear the front off of my car. I love this car, and am very upset with the little dare-devil left turner.
The Rockaway Township Police respond very quickly, and get us off of the road into the parking lot of the mall. The two girls (I didn't realize until we moved our cars, that there had been a passenger in the Scion). After writing some stuff down, and checking out our driving records, the officer goes to "little girl" first. I can call her "little girl" because during their conversation, I learn that she is only 18 years old, just off of her provisional license. Her passenger is her 16 year old sister. The officer is very kind, but I think maybe a little too kind. He tells her that everyone gets into accidents, and that the important thing is that no one was hurt, that cars can be fixed. He tells her that she is inexperienced as a driver, and that she probably didn't make a very good judgement in making her turn at the time she did. He doesn't issue any tickets, because he can't prove that she was reckless, or that I was speeding. She starts to argue that point, but he quickly cuts her off. She has been alive for a shorter time than either I or the officer have been driving. She needs to take this as a lesson learned, and make sure that she is very attentive while driving. Is she all right to drive, and did she get hold of her parents? She had spoken to her parents, and her mom told her, what's done is done, and to go and get ice cream. I'm pretty sure that the officer has been having this conversation within my earshot on purpose. The little girls get back in their car and go to get that ice cream.
Now it is my turn. The officer explains it all over to me again. I just agree, and thank him, and tell him I'm going to sit there for a few minutes, and make some calls. I have to tell my husband and the insurance company that I have once again managed to injure my car, while the little girls have their cookies and cream cones.
I'm a little irritated by the officer. Not everyone has to have an accident. Until I was in my thirties, I had never had an auto accident. I feel as though this was a perfect example of the weird attitude taken by adults toward children and young adults these days. Why shouldn't they feel bad? Shouldn't they be scared to get into an accident? Shouldn't it be something that has consequences? Shouldn't she have been scared and a little ashamed or embarrassed or something to call and tell her parents? Will she at least be responsible for paying the deductible for her car repairs?
Okay, rant over.
After my calls, I didn't quite feel the need to get right back onto route 80, so I went to Dick's (which I could see the whole time, taunting me in the distance). They didn't have any mushroom chairs by the way. But I did get my Croc's, which after taxes (none) and my insurance deductible, came to $529.99.

My life right now, priceless.

Next entry, jewelry.


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