Thursday, December 11, 2008

Project 365: Days 60 through 64

Day 60: December 1, 2008
We got snow while in Illinois. This tree was out in front of the funeral home. Everyone else was trying to take pictures of it through the window. I was the only one who was willing to go outside, and it came out pretty.

Day 61: December 2, 2008
Because of the snow fall the previous day, and the bitter wind and cold, the funeral service took place inside the mausoleum. I know I end up taking a lot of pictures in cemeteries, and now at funerals, but its not a thing for me per se, its just sometimes the best picture of the day happens in these places.

Day 62: December 3, 2008
I love looking really close up at things. When we were little my brother had this book called "Tiny Monsters" (I think) and it was these macro pictures of bugs, and that close up they did look monstrous. This is the end of a rotten fence post. Again, not every pic is going to be coffee table book material, people!

Day 63: December 4, 2008
When not sure of what to do, take a close shot of something mundane. I call this "Tools of a Trade".

Day 64: December 5, 2008
I am obsessed with these little guys. They reside at a horse farm, and they are not out in their paddock every day. I look for them every day. Of course the one time they are out, they are standing as far away from me as they can. At some point the owners of this farm are gonna slap a restraining order on me for harassment! Hah!

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