Friday, April 17, 2009

board of health go home

I updated my FB status today, commenting on the lamentable status of my purse. I walk around with it and puffs of dust and scraps of receipts fly around me, ala Pigpen. I know that all you know that I am a person who likes to use hyperbole to get my point across, but I decided to photo-journalize the facts of this case, to prove that I am in fact NOT exaggerating.
exhibit A:

This is what it would look like if I just plopped this bad boy next to you on the bus.
let's really examine what is going on here-shall we?
exhibit B:

I dump all contents onto couch in reception area of office.

let's take a closeup or two to see the carnage in horrific detail:
exhibits C & D:

Here, you see all the fast food and gas receipts along with a months worth of deposit slips. Also shown, the earrings I am fixing for my mom, my magic wallet (exploding), and entire pack's worth of Orbit mint mojito gum wrappers, and the keyring of all my "preferred shopper" type of key tags.
Here we see not one, but two pocket packs of tissue, hand cream, car and other keys, gas-ex, one of two lens cloths, phone and blue tooth earpiece, camera case, an obituary and the directions to that person's viewing, the key to Alisa's house and a three week old shopping list- is it all becoming clear now?
Now, here is the show-stopper, and the reason I walk folded over to one side (drum roll, bitte)

I have admitted to being addicted to various lip products, and here is what happens when said addict keeps throwing those beloved little tubes into her purse without ever taking some out. My lipstick bag is very slime, designed to hold a lip liner, a lipstick, a gloss and my beloved Timewise lip primer. As evidenced in this picture, I have far exceeded these parameters.
So I sorted through all the junk, and kept the good
Here is what I normally tote around (minus my camera case, I must have put that back in before I snapped this pic), fairly useful things that get me through my day- now you can actually see some of the things that were there before, but were buried. My tweezerman emery board in a case, Tide pen, little notepad in its green paisley embossed metal case, splenda in convenient pill form, my asthma inhaler, my business card case, my awesome tampon case, and finally my truly wonderful reusable shopping bag which will be documented later. ( Tax season must really be over, look at me, even including hyper-links, woohoo, FANCY)

There we go, all purged and spring cleaned. Now if I could only dump the contents of my house out like that, all would be right in the world, my little world.

next, I will work on my posts for project 365, which sadly, has been neglected, and will not be a true experiment in pictures every single day. I will post what I have, and promise myself I will get back on track!


  1. ha, I should show you mine!! Maybe I will....stay tuned!

  2. you got one bad habit from me...otherwise you are perfect...this was one of the best yet...