Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i think it's finally done...

I've been working on this one for quite a while...

I bought these garnet last summer (I think), and then was faced with the quandary of what to do with them. I loved the boldness of the Wilma Flintstone I had made last winter, so I took some cues from there. After trying several combinations with the garnet (which is black red, quite opaque)I settled on turquoise and copper. I had tried combos that were more "formal", but I really like the casualness of this arrangement. I then decided to fabricate the bead caps, because everything I was trying to accent with just didn't have enough presence. The front of the necklace is on memory wire. I then had to create the back of the necklace. My first design had these bars that looked like horse bits. They succeeded in hurting my neck (this thing weighs a ton)so I realized I needed something wide, to help support the weight of the stones and keep them from digging into my neck fat.

The clasp is also now nearly invisible, which in this case is a good thing. Now I think I will sell her. I have this pathological desire to keep all the pieces I create that I adore. They are much like children, I think, I need to set them out into the world, if it will have them.

PS: any opinions on using the background paper? I kind of like it, but don't want anything too distracting. Here are pictures without background

Please comment...


  1. Herbette - thats a gorgeous piece. It all seems to fit together and 'go' - the wire balances the bold garnets nicely.
    I didn't actually notice the background paper until you mentioned it - then I went back and looked at the photos again. I think the background paper gives your work a nice warm look. I don't find it a distracion at all - in fact I love it! Where did you get that paper from - I want some!!!!

  2. Thanks Ginga-
    I like that you didn't notice the paper- I don't want it to be "noticed" but if it adds some interest without being distracting it has met my goal. The paper is from a craft shop called AC Moore, they had a gorgeous collection of it right now, I grabbed a bunch this past weekend. I am finally feeling confident in my ability to photograph my work competently, whew

  3. I like the background paper.....very suttle.
    The necklace is lovely....perhaps if you cannot sell gifting would be next best...don't forget me earrings...I really did love them and want to wear them...sooon....