Monday, March 29, 2010

they are DONE!

just a quickie-

The wind chimes are done!  You are probably all sick of hearing about them, but I guess because they are on a scale larger than I usually deal with I just can’t stop talking about them.  Anywhoo, here they are…IMG_8552winchimeedit they sound pretty good now, and I think they will not be my last set.  I made them for ECCOTA's 4th Annual Feed the Arts Soup Benefit on April 8th.  Click the link for details.  If you are near Elk County PA that day, I highly recommend this event.  $7 gets you in to taste 25 homemade soups, complimented by bread and desserts.  There will be a door prize awarded, and there is a silent auction featuring handmade items from area artists.  Go ahead!  Feed the Arts!

I also made this:

IMG_8561fishbracelet for a bride getting married on the first day of fishing season.  I hope the lures I used are not laughable, as I do not fish, and have no expertise in the fishing arena.  I hope she likes it, and if the lures are weird, I hope they at least make her smile, not cry.

Okay, that’s it for now- thanks for checking in!


  1. Awesome job! What an accomplishment!

  2. Think it was your windchimes saga that made me start following...gave you the Beautiful Blogger Award. Love your style of writing. If you're interested, the details are on my blog.