Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you x’s 7

I had a lovely surprise this morning (aside from my Greek dressing-bomb debacle). I was given this honor:

Susanna Originals awarded me this honor, and I am very excited. Susan has a great blog, where she writes about her her lovely jewelry journey(with wit and humor), and talks about life on snake free Prince Edward’s Island- yes, she’s from Canada! Someone from another country reads my blog, too cool. Anywho, there are two requirements for accepting the award, one you must reveal seven things about yourself that no one else knows, and secondly, you must award 7 other blogs this award. Too neat, I get to let seven other bloggers know that I love what they do- this really is twofold cool.

So, seven things you don’t know about me- when you talk as much as me, I can’t imagine there is anything left, but here goes:

  1. I am terrified of heights, but love roller coasters and most other amusement rides. I was in full freak out mode at the Grand Canyon this past fall. My husband is climbing around like a Billy goat, and all I can think is “Do not fall, do not fall, do not fall”, about myself. If there had been somewhere to strap in at the Grand Canyon, I would have been fine.
  2. If I love a book, I will read it over and over again. Some examples: Little Women, Dune, The Dark Tower Series (by Stephen King). If I love it, I LOVE IT!
  3. I love to be organized, but find it very challenging to stay that way. So far, the only organized area in my house that really works is my vanity counter system, which keeps my next secret ( and here) hidden away…..
  4. I am addicted to lip gloss. I must have 75 lip glosses of all kinds. I tell myself I am looking for the perfect one, but I think we all know that I just have a problem.
  5. I am allergic to certain types of fresh fruit. Specifically, I cannot eat raw apples, pears, plums, peaches or cherries. I can eat them cooked. I can eat citrus, melons, grapes, berries. Weird, huh? Apparently (this comes from another woman who suffers this, I actually know two other women who have this problem), it happens in women of western European descent, the onset is usually late puberty, and can be reversed by childbearing. Apparently, we are sensitive to an enzyme in the fruit. There are varying degrees of sensitivity. One woman can only eat bumpy berries (meaning they carry their seeds on the outside), some can’t eat fruit at all, even cooked.
  6. I am a big crybaby. I have been known to cry over commercials, TV shows, movies and books. Pitiful, I know. The worst of it, is that I also can cry when very angry. Nothing worse than being furious, and crying at the same time.
  7. I think that I am making jewelry for the woman I wish to become. It is weird, many of my pieces don’t match what I would perceive to be my current “style”.

Now for the next task- picking the seven blogs I wish to pass this award on to. It will be hard to limit it to seven, but here goes nothing, and in no specific order:

  • A Metalsmith’s Journey. Janice is a wonder woman of sorts. She creates amazing jewelry, runs the Jewelry Artist Network, is a single mom, has recently changed over to a raw lifestyle, she does it all, in the same 24 hours the rest of us has.
  • Ginga Squid . Vicky creates the most delicious fiber and gemstone (often combining the two) treats. She is from New Zealand, and her works are over the top amazing- handspun wool and unique stones, and cute kiddos too!
  • Kelsi’s Closet Jewelbox : Melissa’s jewelry is swirly goodness, and her Tool Time Tuesday Tutorials have great information for those of us just starting our tool addictions!
  • Stephanie Distler : Stephanie is also quite the mixed media wonder woman. She does a little bit of everything- artbead dolls, jewelry in sterling and copper and beads, and is very active in her community, whew, tired just thinking about her schedule!
  • Painting with Fire Artwear : Barbara’s article in Belle Armoire about torch fired enamel was so inspiring. She is a gifted artisan who is very generous with her knowledge. I learned about the next blogger from Barbara’s Ning site Painting with Fire
  • Beautifully Broken Me : Another talented and generous woman, featuring copper and resin and enamel and neat little bits and baubles. Her site is full of inspiration.
  • Chris Kerr Jewelry : Chris can and will stamp on anything metal! Her embellishments are so lovely and bring a smile to my face. She’s been having a rough time with wrist issues (a nightmare for sure), but she is coming through it, and continues to inspire with her work.

Okay, so this blog entry took WAY too long to write. I am up to my armpits in jewelry components which need to be transformed into jewelry before Friday. I am in low-level freak out mode right now, trying to get a gazillion things done so that I can drive up to Ridgway, PA to participate in the Spring Things exhibit at ECCOTA. I leave Thursday, after a short work day to make the four hour drive. I still also have to pack. Things could get very interesting.

Thanks for checking in!



  1. Hmm, blogger is acting very strangely - having a hard time commenting - but WAS saying thank you!!! and that I wish I felt more like Wonder Woman.....


  2. Janice- maybe I am just easy to impress, but you seem pretty wonderwoman to me! Giant bangle bracelets and lariat optional, of course!

  3. Thank-you Jenn you are very kind and quite fabulous in all that you do :) I hope to see you for some creating time at some point. I have my torch and kiln we should get together and experiment sometime ;)