Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 15: 10/17/2008

Unfortunately, my kitchen has quite possibly, the worst lighting in the entire free world. This is me, testing the capacity of my Kitchen Aid, the biggest they make before being called "Hobart". This is the meringue you make before it becomes buttercream.

Day 16: 10/18/2008

I took a bunch of pix, of different things, but given the choice, I will always pick an adorable kid to post. So here he is, bundled up for a walk on Saturday, while his parents partied hard with some die-hard Ren-fair types.

Day 17: 10/19/2008
These are some of the pieces of silver I destroyed with my torch. See it there, lurking in the background, sometimes my BFF, and other times an enemy of my jewelry-making state?

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