Monday, October 13, 2008

Three more days...

Day 8:
This picture does not do this window display justice. Any of you Stephen King readers out there, does this remind you of a children's book that plays a part in the Gunslinger series? I will try this shot again, at night I think, because it deserves it.

Day 9:


Lobstahhh out of her Pahhht...

My long suffering dog, Majeicka. She is always well rewarded for posing. She looks stressed in this picture because the lobster head part is scrunching her forhead into her eyes. That, and she doesn't want to take her eyes off me, on the off chance she will miss her release command.

Day 10:


Self portrait with my superstar friend Bliss. We had a very long day of eating, shopping, laughing and talking. It is very tough being us.

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